Surgical Treatment of Foot Ulcers

There are a number of minimally invasive techniques available to relieve open ulcers or wounds on the feet, but most importantly, minimise the likelihood of amputation. Early intervention is always the best option. 

For example, this patient (pre- and post-operative images below) presented as a tertiary referral for amputation. While the ulcer had been treated with dressings for 12 months, cellulitis (a bacterial infection) spread to the surrounding area and the ulcer eventually communicated with the joint. 

The patient was successfully treated with debridement (the surgical process of removing skin and bone from the infected area), minimally-invasive joint fusion and a skin graft.

The limb was saved. 

Before surgery: diabetic foot ulcer

Before Surgery

After surgery: diabetic foot ulcer

After Surgery


In other instances, severe deformities will often need corrective fusion in particularly when
Charcot joints are established.