How to Choose the Right Sandals for Your Feet

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Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body, yet they tend to be the parts that are least paid attention to. For the majority of the world, it is now currently the summer season, which is when we like to wear those open toe shoes we love so much - our sandals.

Before you head out to your favorite stores to purchase, be reminded that not all sandals are the same!

Strappy sandals, thin soled sandals, gladiator sandals...the list goes on! The nature of sandals is that they are easy to wear, but careful care must be taken because with sandals, you need to seek not only the cosmetic appeal, but the ankle and foot support that will prevent downstream injuries. The ankle is a hinge, and is susceptible to shears if the appropriate rotations and shears are applied to the area. If you are unsure as to how to choose your sandals, consultants at your local foot store will me more than happy to assist.

How to choose the perfect Sandals

With the myriad of sandals on the market today, the process of choosing the right sandals can be confusing. Questions to think about include:

  1. Will this sandal suit my lifestyle?

  2. Will I have have appropriate ankle and arch support?

  3. How long do I intend to wear them for and will they be comfortable?

  4. Are they for cosmetic use - just for running errands, or will I need them for uses that are more rigorous such as hiking?

As you embark on your journey, with a more conscious approach to the need to take care of your feet, it will be import to ensure that the critical factors that will ensure both comfort and support are being met. Focus on the mission. Keep in mind what will be the primary use of your sandals. Are you planning to hike in a nearby or distant mountain range or are you simply planning to go to the beach with sandals that won’t dissolve after water touches them? The answer to these key questions will determine what will be next for you on your shoe journey. Once you have decided the choices will be narrowed to a few options that you can choose from.

What is the right sandal?

The right sandal will support your feet, and provide the cushion, support and comfort that you need. The anatomy of the foot is such that it supports the body on a hinge joint. The appropriate alignment of the feet is critical to so much, inclusive of the health of the spine. The right fit of the shoe should be such that it fits snugly, and there is at least 1-1.5 cm of space at the end of shoe. A few key characteristics of shoes that should be factored in include:

  1. A stiff back for appropriate heel support

  2. Flexibility to facilitate the motion of your feet

  3. Appropriate arch support - The arch of the foot is part of its engineering design that facilitates its ability to support the body appropriately. Shoes will not all be perfectly designed, so with the appropriate inserts, shoes can be customized to facilitate that additional comfort.

  4. Heel height - Heel height is very important for the support of the feet and the body. The body was designed for an optimum height. The higher an individual is off the ground, the higher will be the center of gravity of that individual. Any object with a high center of gravity will have the tendency to fall, compared to an object with a lower center of gravity. Women are aware of the fact that with higher heels, they do feel the instability that comes with being elevated. It will be important for an individual to ensure that they match their heel height with their personal height.

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