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“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” - John F. Kennedy

Your health is your wealth. The feet are generally the often neglected portions of the body. As with all conditions, most people don’t pay attention to their feet until there’s a significant problem with them. Ideally, prevention is better than cure. As a multi-functional hinge joint which does more than bear the weight of our bodies, our feet transport us from one location to the next. With time, this portion of our bodies can suffer from wear and tear. As part of your general maintenance routine, a scheduled foot massage along with healing therapies such as reflexology is genuinely advised. The benefits are felt not only in the physical being, but also in the mental realms. 

The art and science of reflexology, is a traditional yet healing practice that stimulates various reflex points on the feet. As a system, the entire body is connected, and it just so happens that there are points on the feet which are connected to major organs and glands. Statistically, the feet has the following characteristics: 

42 muscles 

26 bones 

33 joints 

250,000 sweat glands 

50 ligaments and tendons 

15,000 nerve endings

As a marvel of genetic engineering, we must not take our feet for granted. Many of us, particularly women, do take the time to massage our feet every now and then when we go for pedicures. The fact is that we should all be taking the time to do this activity. The benefits of massages are numerous. After an injury for instance, muscle soreness can be reduced and recovery can be enhanced. Additionally with an increase in flexibility, the odds of injury are significantly reduced. 

Since knowledge is power, let us delve into the benefits of foot massages: 

  1. Lower Blood Pressure: Studies have shown that there is a significant reduction in the systolic pressure of patients who received reflexology treatments. 

  2. Reduction of Edema: Swelling of the body due to accumulated fluids, induced by trauma, is known as edema. Patients who suffer from diabetes, as well as pregnant women, are prone to such a condition. With regularly scheduled massages, the blood circulation of the feet were improved, and edema minimized due to the simulation of the area. 

  3. Improved Relaxation: As the pressure on the feet is released via stimulation, health is found to increase. Modern life has us mostly seated, and feet muscles aren’t exercised as they should. As a result, blood flow to the region is reduced. The corporate world induces the wearing of tight shoes such as high heels, which hinder circulation. With a foot massage at the end of each day, the health of an individual can be optimized, as circulation is restored to the feet. 

  4. Relaxation: The modern world induces stresses, which we are often not aware of. In the workplace, there is competition, and if you live in a metropolitan area, you may often have to park and walk to your destination. With the built in stress that is induced you can release it at the end of the day, via a foot massage. The action of rubbing the feet is actually soothing to the body. With an appropriate foot massage, relaxed bodies lead to better sleep and better moods. 

  5. Healthier Feet: A gentle foot massage of about 5-10 minutes is an ideal way to promote foot flexibility. Pamper and heal via massaging your feet with warm olive oil, coconut oil, or even your favorite aromatherapy oil such as lavender. As you do, will be able to relieve yourself from the symptoms of conditions such as foot tendonitis, but also induce relaxation in the process. 

Foot care can be of a minimally invasive nature, and scheduling a nightly foot massage for yourself and your partner right before bed will ensure that your entire body is healed. 

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